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Thank you for deciding to worship with us! We are truly excited to meet you and want to make sure that your first visit is an experience you won’t forget. Here’s what you can expect when attending our Sunday Worship Experience:


  • Temple of Latter Rain takes pride in creating and exuding a family-like, warm, loving culture. This means that we welcome you with open arms with a smile, handshake, and hug each and every time!

  • You can expect a lively worship experience that is enhanced and ushered in by our live worship team & music band. With jubilant song selections that not only reflect on the goodness of our risen savior, but that allow us to bask in His presence. We welcome you to praise God in your own way, whether that means singing, shouting, dancing, running, or clapping - you are welcome to do so!

  • Ample ways to get involved! We are a young church so this means that there is more room to grow in our ministry. Temple of Latter Rain is represented by multiple generations with plenty of young people so there is something for everyone!

  • We don’t intend on adding pressure to your experience here by calling on you to stand and introduce yourself. We however will acknowledge your presence and greet all our visitors with a special gift from us - as well as a hug, smile, and handshake. 

  • Our Sunday Worship Experience averages 90 minutes. 

  • At our church you will see various modes of dress. Some of very traditional in attire while others are more laid back. Feel free to wear whatever is comfortable for you to praise God in. 



Have more questions? Email us at


We can’t wait to see you.

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